About to pull the trigger: MarkBass LMT800 & 2 2x12. Solid Choice?

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  1. Hello TB People,

    Seriously considering buying the Mark Bass LMT 800 and 2 NY122s. I know that running the two cabs would bring this down to 500wts but i think it will drive them well. I know i don't want a 4x10 and a 1x15 but I did play through the amp and 2 MB 4x10s and it sounded full, clear and punchy. However, i feel like I play too aggressively for 10s but 15s get too floppy (for me) so I think 12's are the right move (i play deep groove rock). Unfortunately no stores here in the Denver area carry MB 2x12 cabs (or virtually any 12s at all). Any thoughts? Maybe I should i should consider going with the MB SD 1200 and the 2 2x12s? I just can't really handle dealing with a 4x12 but that would be my preference. I'm looking for a sound that's nice and clear that makes me want to trigger explosives.

    I've owned Hartke, GK and SWR over the last 15 years but the MB sound has a modern clarity that i seem to be drawn to.

    Thanks in advance for any advice. Played forever but just haven't been part of the discussion....
  2. happyg


    Sep 17, 2011
    It will work if you plan on only using ONE NY122 at a time. Those cabs are 4 ohms each. Running 2 would be a 2 ohm load. Both of the heads you mention are not made for a 2ohm load.
  3. Townie


    Feb 9, 2007
    I've been using an LMT 800 with two NY121 cabs. Lots of headroom but, to my ear, the tube makes very little difference. In fact, I started having problems with the head after two gigs! It turns out there is a problem with the tube and so it's a return trip to Italy for the head and a replacement TTE500 Randy Jackson head! I thought the cabs were quite good with a decent projection but using one cab and the EQ flat, the sound was somewhat underwhelming and seemed 'squashed'. Looking forward to hearing what the TTE head will sound like with both cabs though!
  4. Go with 2 8 ohm cabs with that head which will in turn deliver the full 800 watts @ a 4 ohm load.
  5. aproud1

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    Aug 13, 2007
    Cincy, OH
    The NY122 by it self is probably the single loudest cab I've ever played through. Really punches through and is incredibly loud. I miss mine. As Happy mentioned they are four ohm so you could only run one. But one is plenty for most any venue you wouldn't use pa support.

    I also really like the LMT800, doesn't seem to get a lot of love around here but I think it sounds pretty great. Should be a winning combo.
  6. Argh. You guys are right, of course. Too much information, thought the 122 was 8ohm. Thanks for the quick and informative responses. I think i might just join the herd and get 2 of the 4x10s to really get that head crankin'. gonna have to give it all another listen. Thanks, All.