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About wattage + extra speakers

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by semborg, Jul 30, 2005.

  1. Okay, so I was wondering a thing here.
    My head does 250 watts in 4 ohm, and 500 watts in 2 ohm.

    Right now I have a 2x10 cab running.

    My question is:
    Will the sound become cleaner if I add another 2x10 cab?, so my amp will do 500 watts?

    Or will the quality become the same because its 250 watts per cab?

    thank you
  2. well the full 500 would give you more headroom so the amp isnt pushed as hard to produce louder volumes , but it depends on how good your cabs are.
  3. What do you mean how good my cabs are?
  4. different cabs have different sensitivities

    you could try two cabs that are the same array, say, 4x10, by different manufacturers and one could be much louder than the other, because it is more efficient and hence responds more to the same amount of wattage
  5. Assuming you add an identical 2x10, you get boost from the extra watts, and a boost cause the larger surface area reproduces bass freqs more efficiently.

    Sound quality would be essentially unchanged as long as you're not driving your amp/speakers to a bit of distortion currently by playing louder than the cab will handle.

    But having the 2nd 2x10 on top of the first, closer to ear level, could have a big impact on how the rig sounds to you.

    I use a pair of EA 2x10's. I like to use both for small gigs. Reason being, with the 2nd one on top, I hear it much better, if I can hear myself, I'll turn down. Plus I'm in the wash of the mids/tweeters that way. Using just one, even tilted back, isn't quite pointed toward the ear enough to get the true sound of the cab on stage.

    And yes you will end up with 250W per cab. Although usually you don't quite get twice the power when dropping to 2 ohm loads from 4. Usually amps rated at 100W at 4 ohms droop to about 150W at 2 ohms instead of the full 200. The low ohm load droops the supply voltage as you approach full power, so it doesn't quite double. Theoretically it should double, you're right, but in real world it usually doesn't.

  6. Ok
    I am using the yamaha bbt 500h matching cabs.

    Do you think I shall add another 2x10 or maybe a 4x10?
  7. Depends on what you mean by wanting a "cleaner" sound.

    Many 2x10's can't handle lots of low end and fart out early, if by "clean" you mean its farting out on low notes, maybe adding a 4x10 would help more than another 2x10.

    But more speakers won't help if its the amp clipping not the speakers bottoming out. What are the power ratings of the speakers involved? If you've got 500WRMS cab driven by 250W amp and somethings distorting, its more likely the amp. Could also be you're really boosting the low end and driving the speakers to overexcursion at some freqs.

    Hard to say without being there...

  8. no, The sound is clear, it doesn't distort. The cab can only handle 250 watts. But the amp can only give the cab 250 watts.

    My problem is that I can't get any loud volumes out of it.