? about yamaha trb6II finishes

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  1. hey guys, i was wondering if anyone has a link or a pic of the yamaha trb 6II (or the five string version) in a color other than the amber burst. i'd really like to see the translucent blue burst and magenta burst before i decide which one to buy, but i can't find any pics anywhere of these two colors. i have been looking off and on for about a week with no luck. any help would be greatly appreciated :D
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    wow, that is weird. I can't find anything about it.
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    The place that you're buying from can't give you pics?
  4. well i dont know where im buying it from yet :p
    anyways, i did find one site that sold them for 950 (new!!!)! thats awesome! everywhere else they are 1300+ new so im probably gonna get it from there :D
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    These are from the Yamaha web site.
  6. ...DOH :meh: