No longer available Absolute loaded 2017 Warrior DM5 Flamed Spalted Maple with Crazy nice Birdseye Fretboard

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  1. Bassworship1

    Bassworship1 Inactive

    Jun 20, 2013
    The This bass is a show piece that sounds even better than it looks. It has every option you can possibly get and Upgraded electronics to boot. JD picked out the best woods he had making this bass and the attention to detail is mind blowing. It has the Upgraded Glockenlang Preamp ($300 upgrade)which offers more tone shaping with Coil Select and Active Passive. The Fretboard has the prettiest Birdseye Maple board I've ever seen. This bass was a $6500 build and is simply amazing in every way.
    Trades:(really wanting to sale for custom build Warrior but might consider the following)
    STR 5 string Has to be mint
    Benavente 5 string
    Special Roscoe 5

    Some of the features of this cool guitar include:

    * Dran Michael 5-String
    * Oil Finish
    * Spalted Maple Finish
    * Matching Spalted Maple Pickiup Covers
    Matching Splated Maple Headstock with Inlaid Mother-of-Pearl Warrior Logo
    * Matching Splated Maple Burl Control Knobs
    * Aged Alder Body
    * Walnut Bolt-on Neck with Maple Tone Bar
    * Birdseye Maple Fretboard
    * Inlay; Mother-of-Pearl Warrior Sword Inlay at 12th Fret
    * Pickups: Bartolini Fat Boy & Jazz
    * Electronics: Glockenlang Custom
    * Black-Gold Hardware
    * Black Sealed Tuners
    * Black-Gold Fixed Bridge with Individual Saddles
    * She Weighs 7.9 lbs.
    * Comes with new Gig Bag
    18mm spacing
    4' scale and plays like a dream.

    You simply won't find a better looking or sounding bass for the money.

    16299475_1224724480914341_1976583257480520043_n.jpg 16266265_1221585154561607_6753924263443112605_n.jpg 16299468_1226626824057440_6130138791180742923_n.jpg 16387007_1221585157894940_4667651522020828548_n.jpg 16387079_1226626997390756_3334074745745151749_n.jpg 16406769_1224606417592814_7821467806763505451_n.jpg 16427508_1226626854057437_581088090094893298_n.jpg 16427780_1226626930724096_1787796733801086083_n.jpg 16473645_1224606314259491_8402574528685112386_n.jpg 16508030_1226626967390759_7139481371577647816_n.jpg 16730543_1246629998723789_7737067547179273429_n.jpg 16806790_1246629882057134_2213743739716167200_n.jpg 16865230_1246630072057115_5932358973741907267_n.jpg 16938503_1246629898723799_2705418131885511113_n.jpg 16997939_1246630108723778_7232413259273188886_n.jpg IMG_0308.JPG IMG_0309.JPG
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  2. Bassworship1

    Bassworship1 Inactive

    Jun 20, 2013
    Just oiled and set this baby up yesterday. Having serious 2nd thoughts about this bass. By far the best playing and sounding bass I've owned.

    IMG_0581.JPG IMG_0582.JPG IMG_0580.JPG
  3. David Minghelli

    David Minghelli

    Apr 2, 2017
    Okay it's a deal send me an invoice. My # 520-909-7676. I may need help with this format. DM
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