ABY for Multi Amp Setup

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    I have done some searching and found a little info on this.

    I have two 4ohm cabinets (Epifani 210 and 410). My Epifani Piccolo 600 head, however, has a minimum 4ohm. So I can’t use both without risking ruining the head.

    I love the tone of the head in either cab. But the output is much different from each.

    One solution is to get a stereo power amp. This has worked for me in the past.

    Another solution is to get another head. In this case, another Epifani Piccolo, and use one for each cabinet. I have to split the signal, no big deal. However, there can be phase and grounding problems.

    I found a few tools that could help and I’m asking if anyone has experience with either in this set up.

    Lehle little double

    Radial Big Shot ABY

    1C306413-D061-43C3-86F7-D443239FBF01.jpeg 0AE3BD56-6088-4FBC-BA5F-39E55CD36809.jpeg
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