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  1. Am getting ready to by an ABY pedal so I can go to a 2 amp setup. Now I am a begginer and am not sure. Which would suit me better a passive or active pedal. I found 3 that I am considering. Radial Bigshot ABY which is passive. But has a lift switch an iso switch and isolation switch. Now another Radial BigShot this one is active/passive will still work without power also has lift/phase/iso switches. Then the ART Cool switch pro isolated . It's passive it also has lift/phase/iso switches. Now I maybe wrong but I read that if it is passive. You run into the possibility of being electrocuted? Is that a true fact? Or is it you have to have the grounding switch to stop that from happening?
  2. If you have an active signal, I wouldn't think it matters, but if you're using a passive bass directly into the aby, I'd use an active unit.

    Nothing you put on the instrument side of your amp or mixer should be able to shock you unless your high voltage equipment is faulty.
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    I have had good experience with Radial products both personally and professionally. Specifically the Big Shot I/O and a number of their DI boxes.
  4. I've never heard of anyone being electrocuted by a Radial product, and besides, the Canadian government wouldn't let Radial release a product that might require saying "Sorry".

    I forget from your Metal Pedal Chain thread, so please refresh memories here — are you using a passive or active bass?

    Whichever it is, I'd follow cheapbasslovin's advice and get whichever Radial product fits the bill.
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