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  1. navEtheChimp


    Jan 28, 2002
    I have recently purchased a 1.67A 9V AC adapter from (i have heard many people with praise for this site).

    I am only 15 and i really dont know alot about effects pedals, all i know is that they are fun as hell. and powering them is even more confusing. And ummmm I obviously cant get my adapter to run my Boss stomp boxes. I would just buy a PSA-10 or whatever they are called, and chain them togather... but i already would burn up that adapter with my pedals that i am using(ph-3, dd-5, syb-3).

    I am assuming that whenever someone has a huge setup of effects that they dont have a PSA-10 for the boss ones and then another adapter powering all the other units. Maybe i am screwed by buying that adapter... but i am just curious if anyone knows what i can do, like buy some specific daisy chain or something like that.

    Again... i dont know what i am doing.
  2. Well, what would be the best thing would be to get a Boss TU-2 or NS-2. They allow you to use the boss/roland parallel cord. The 1.67A is way more than enough power supply. I run 5 boss's and a dunlop wah off of a 600mA power supply. 1A=1000mA. I think boss only recommends you use a 800mA supply.....but....They pedals will only use what they need.

    Just make sure your power supply is tip-negative, and that it fits in the power input. Easiest way is the boss PSA-10 and they parallel cords along w/ a TU-2 (Everyone...I mean everyone needs a good, easy to use tuner).
  3. navEtheChimp


    Jan 28, 2002
    ok thanks im gonna look into those two products right now.