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AC Power Problems

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Big Benner, Dec 10, 2004.

  1. Well I set up my Me-50B on the table last night to do some sound searching with my bass and fingertips and when I got up to grab a glass of water I tripped over the AC adaptor cord.

    Now I can't get any power into the unit. 3 differrent adaptors and 2 differrent wall outlets. I just got to work and put some batteries in it and it works fine so I figure what I've done is pulled something on the AC plug on the actual unit.

    Anyone ever done something like this? Anyone ever fix something like this? Should I take a look, or take it to L&M (a local music store) or take it to Roland Corp which is 30min drive?

    Also, anyone use batteries with the ME-50B and how long do they last? I've got a gig next week so I'll buy two sets just in case and try and get it fixed over the holidays. :( Merry Christmas Me, eh.
  2. I wouldn't think it would completely void your warranty if you were to open it up and take a look. Look for loose wires, as if you jerked the jack and broke a solder joint. If you did, it should be an easy fix. If everything still looks good inside, then maybe the adaptor input jack itself got tweaked. Does the adaptors plug feel loose in the unit? Maybe the ground prong is warped to the point that it's not touching the barrel. That might take some tiny tweezers or a micro screwdriver into the jack to work the prong back into place.
  3. Thanks for the advice Mo'Phat.

    Well, I went to the rehearsal space and tried the BOSS AC adapter and guess what,... it worked. Kinda sucks because I had a total of 4 adaptors with all the same polarity/size/etc. settings and they all did work and now I only have one (it's amazing how fast you can set up and start playing when you have two sets of patch cords and adaptor)

    After the next gig I'll mess around with the screwdriver amd tweezers,........ very very gingerly.