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Accessory Circuits

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by herrera, Jul 30, 2002.

  1. herrera


    Feb 15, 2002
    hi i have a warwick thumb bolt on 6 string with the wide neck (crazy slaper:D ) and i want to add some power from the amp and i dont want to change the pick ups (not enogth money for the barts...)

    and i been thinking for a while that a good onboard preamp will give to the MEC's a better sound....

    i was thinking in aguilar but i dont think it would fit on the control potentiometer (and i havent try it)

    or may be some emg, i like emg, they give you a lot of amp power

    and i read that the EMG EXB or the PA2 will give you that what do you think...later i will go to guitar cventer to ask some advice there two

    also i like what i erad aboput the STC 3 and STC 2 basslines preamp...but it would fit on my control compartment of my bass????

    is the same usedon the streamer jazzman

    i like that switch stuff for slap

    bnut give me your opinion, i ALWAYS take seriusly the opinion of the good bassplayers that are in this forum! god bless TALKBASS.com!!!!!!!!!:cool: :D

    ps rigth now i feel more like the EXB do you know how they look like or if some of the preamps i m talking about will fit in my bass????????


    Mounted on the back of a mini-toggle switch, the EMG-PA2 Preamp Booster® give you a 0-20dB boost without changing your tone. The boost level is preset using a trimpot on the circuit board. You can quickly kick up your levels for a lead or drive a long cord without losing high frequencies. You can wire the PA2 on any single pickup of a multi-pickup setup.
    You can use the PA2 with guitar or bass. It can also be used with non-EMG pickups for low-impedence output.


    Similar in concept to the EMG-EXG, the EMG-EXB Bass Expander ® lifts the bass and treble response while cutting the midrange. The EXB's center frequencies have been focused for the bass with a higher treble frequency (1600Hz vs. 1300Hz) that gives added definition to slapping or an aggressive pick attack. In addition, more boost (10db) is available. The EXB's small circuit board is mounted directly to the back of it's control potentiometer, and will fit easily in any normal control compartment.

    STC 3

    STC-2/STC-3/STC-MM -- This system provides either two or three focused bands of EQ together with a master volume, blend, and a proprietary slap contour which, with the flick of a switch, delivers a focused bottom, contoured mids and transient highs with a lot of air. It's great for instantly changing from slap to fingerstyle without compromising tone. The bass control brings up the bottom end without being boomy or mushy; the mid control (3 band only) gives great cut without being honky; and the treble control is engineered to bring in a lot of presence without a lot of noise. The Tone Circuit ™ for Music Man ® systems is essentially a 3-band unit for passive pickups without the blend control.
    STC-2 and 3 are available in models for use with active or passive pickups

    any others brands and stuff will be great!!!
  2. FalsehoodBass


    Jul 22, 2001
    Denver, CO
    bartolini preamp. yay.

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