Accugroove Tri 112, three way cab; an excellent compact speaker cab!

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by gfab333, Sep 26, 2003.

  1. gfab333


    Mar 22, 2000
    Honolulu, Hawaii
    I heard one of these recently and was impressed with the volume, tone, and clarity of this compact cabinet.

    During my recent visit to Las Vegas, I checked in with our fellow TBer Adrian Garcia and caught a few of his gigs. I heard him use this cab on a 4-piece smooth jazz / funk / R & B gig at the Gordon Beirsch just off the Strip. I have to admit that I didn't expect very much of Accugroove cabs because I had never actually heard one, and they seemed like just another obscure company trying to make bass equipment.

    I have to say that this little cab blew me away. It was loud and articulate with out being sterile or dry sounding, and she was punchy. The cab has a somewhat balanced response through the lows, mids, and highs, but it wasn't that flat tone associated with EAs (not that there's anything wrong w/ EAs ); likewise, she has a nice balanced tone response, but without being too hi-fi sounding. It has a great tonal response for finger style and slapping as well. What surprised me was its huge sound! If I hadn't actually seen the cab on stage, I would have guessed that it was a much larger cab, like a 2X12, 3X10, or 4X10. Ofcourse, other factors in the signal chain have some influence on what I heard that day... like Adrian's EBS pre/QSC power amp rig and his playing. Did I mention that Adrian is an awesome bassplayer with great chops and an excellent sense of groove?

    In short, you should check out this cab if you're in the market for a quality, high powered, compact cab. This cab would also make a great rig if paired with a second cab like maybe a 1x15, or just a second 1X12.
  2. jokerjkny


    Jan 19, 2002
    NY / NJ / PHL

    Mark (???) at Accugroove contacted me telling me of an NYC dealer. havent really been dying to try 'em out, since i'm more than happy with my current setup, but the 1x12's great writeups have been piquing my interest.
  3. lo-freq

    lo-freq aka UFO

    Jan 19, 2003
    SW, OK
    Bump w/request:
    gfab, I searched but couldn't find a review by you of your Tri 112 & Tri 210 together.
    Could you post your impressions; I think your combination of cabs would sound really good.
    Have you done some live gigging with both cabs together?
  4. I will second the raves about the Tri 112! while my El Whappo/Whappo Grande stack is lethal, it's a bit imposing for some gigs (and for rehearsals!). my Tri 112 has gotten some truly unexpected results at gigs where people were convinced I was "underweaponed" aurally.

    Mark and David have an amazing thing in this cab! :D

    from the lows,

  5. gfab333


    Mar 22, 2000
    Honolulu, Hawaii
    Started a new thread that would show up on future searches better. Here you go low-freq...

    Yeah, yeah, OK, OK, I might have been exaggerating a little back in my September 2003 post at the top of this thread when I said that the Tri 1-12 sounded almost as loud as a 4-10. It must have been because of Adrian's bass solos that day... he was blowing the roof off of the place!
    :eyebrow: :D :eyebrow: :D
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