Accugroove tri110L

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  1. Hi there!

    i am not sure if this would go in here or the WTB section, but i am digging the accugroove tri110L, and i am in no way able to shell out the money for a brand new cab, but i was wondering what i can expect to pay for a used one.

    Thanks guys and gals!

  2. are these sold used? ;)
  3. Thats like asking if there's a bigfoot.
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    As far as I know, Tri110's are pretty rare in the used market. There are Tri112's that seem to show up used here and there, but IIRCI have only seen one tri110 used before.

    Try a wanted ad on, or here in the wanted forum. Other than that, lots o luck to you. BTW, the 110 is an awesome little cab, :D