SOLD ACG John East EQ-01 filter preamp

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    Up for sale is an ACG John East EQ-01 filter preamp that has some quirks, so you could use this as-is depending on your application or you could fix it if you're good with active preamps and mini pcb type electronics (too small for me to take on).

    I had this in my Guild Starfire bass for a couple of years, when it started developing a bit of distortion/clipping when I really dug in on the E string. I did some troubleshooting myself, but again, my knowledge of active electronics is limited and I won't take a soldering iron to mini boards like this. Otherwise though, everything seems to work as it should.
    Something to consider: Bisonics are very powerful pickups with huge low end, so maybe with a standard set of jazz pickups or similar, this preamp would work fine? I don't know.
    Also, maybe it's an easy fix for somebody with the right tools and skill set...
    Controls are: vol/blend stack, HPF stack, LPF stack, LPF stack.
    Original packaging and instructions included.
    In any case, price is: $100 + approximate shipping to your location. Cash preferred, but will consider trades and partial trades for a short-scale neck, pedals, interesting pickups, other preamps, etc


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