ACME B 1 Cabs

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    Aug 1, 2004
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    I have one 8 ohm cabinet and am thinking about adding a second. Anyone using two of these cabs? Any info would be appreciated.
  2. Like with any cab, if you like the sound of 1, you will most likely like the sound of 2 better... louder, a bit more low end due to the coupling, more open due to your amp putting out more power at 4ohms (assuming you are using a solid state amp).

    If your B1 is 'almost loud enough' for most of the gigs you do, 2 x B1 will be a revelation to you.

    Andy's cabs are unique in that they scale very accurately. So, a 2 x 8ohm B1 rig is virtually identical to a 4ohm B210.
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    Yep. I fully agree with Ken's post. I loved the sound of my B2 so I bought another and then two more. The original two get all the use and have served me well for more than a decade.