Acme B-2 or Bag End ELF?

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  1. More stupid sub questions...sorry!
    I still need a decent, compact sub for the crazy lows i get with my varying filters and bass synths. the Bag End ELF system sounds outstanding but could I not just get away with an Acme B-2 for that huge 18" deep bass thang? Maybe a B-4 but I am scared of the huge power I would have to arrange for it. The Bag End D12E-D dual 12" ELF sub only needs 400W @4 ohms, quite do-able, no? Acme claims the B-2 to be comparable to an 18"... Bass NW sees used ELF stuff all the time but a wee B-2 would be very nice, if it does what they say. I could run a crossed over signal from the back of my Mesa M-2000 into a small (maybe power amp for the Acme, lows only. A much cheaper option. Opinions?
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    Oct 21, 2000
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    i used to own an acme lowB-2 (4ohm). it does
    get some SERIOUS low-end, but it doesn't have
    much volume. you'll want to augment this cab.
    with another more efficient cab, or go for the
    B4 with a monster poweramp if you need any
    volume at all (anything beyond a small jazz
    gig or something).

    i sold my acme to a talk basser recently. i
    just saw it for sale in the 'for sale' section.
    it was in new condition when i shippped it.
    probably still is.

    i own 2 bag end 15's now (no ELF). i think
    ELF is really expensive, so i would try the
    acme for lows. buy the used one :) if
    it doesn't meet your needs, then just pass
    that hot potato on!
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    Mar 29, 2000
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    An Acme cab will be significantly less espensive than an ELF rig. Also, I also used to own Acme cabs, and the sound and construction was first rate, the only reason I changed was the aquisition of a tube amp and the impedences didn't match up with the Acme's. One more thing, Andy at Acme makes sub only versions of his cabs that are even more affordable than the regular models. So you could get a sub 4x10 for a good price and I think you will be happy.

    p.s. I think the power requirements for the Acmes are overestimated. I ran 4 Low B-2's at a time with a Stewart (1 rack space) PA-1000, averaging only 250 watts per 2x10 cab. I had plenty of power, and volume.
  4. Thanks for your replies. What I have heard from a great many folks, many of them former Acme owners ( alot of those out there....) is that even with a good chunk of power feeding them the B-2's would not end up being that "loud." They tend to bottom out before you can get any real useable db's out of them. Apparently a B-4 would be better suited as it would theoretically move more air but then your back into that power issue again; no thanks.