Acme b2 series 2

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  1. Mikeels

    Mikeels Guest

    Apr 20, 2000
    If anyone is interested in this cab, its in excellent cond. I just find myself using my eden more. Would consider trade for an swr 210 or make me an offer.
    Thanks ............Mike
  2. bobaloo

    bobaloo Guest

    Aug 26, 2001
    Newport News, Va.
    I've got an Acme B-2 on order. If I like it I was going to sell my SWR Goliath Jr. III and buy another Acme. I've also got an Eden 210XLT. What don't you like about the Acme? My Acme should be here in a week or two and if I like it and you still have yours I would be willing to trade for my SWR.
  3. Steve


    Aug 10, 2001
    Since I have two,(B-4, B-2) I think I can weigh in on this.
    The thing about 'em is that they are FLAT full range boxes. I don't know of any other manufacturer that does that (except maybe EA?).

    Flat cabinets sound, well...flat. Alot of people don't like it. Most other cab's have a huge effect on your sound, Acmes don't. You really have to re-think your approach to EQ with 'em if you don't like flat.

    My Acme gave me fits and almost went back before I figured out that I needed to EQ what I wanted INTO the cab and not just tweak like you do with a "normal" cabinet.

    The up-side is that whatever you want is in there and you don't have to fight a "normal" cabinet's voicing to get it.

    There are other advantages as well. If you do alot of DI work and you don't have great stage monitors, (me) the acme's are about the only thing accurate enough to tell you what sound you're sending to the board.
    If you put a good 31 band EQ on it you can make it sound like any cabinet you want. Add a little 200-400, cut 800-1k boost the sh*t out of everything above 3k and presto, instant Eden 410 xlt.

    My Acme's were not love at first ear at all, but I have grown to love them beyond all others.

    Model for model they're lighter than anything else and pump low end like nothing else. You wont have to waste amp power boosting low end that's for sure.
    UPS should be delivering my 2nd B-2 today.
  4. i am interested, what are you asking? is it a 4 ohm cab? an done more, do the acme b2's contain fostex horns?