Acme, Impedance and Power

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  1. martens-koop


    Oct 10, 2002
    Hi there! I've got an 8 ohm acme low b2 and have a few questions. I'm using a stewart world 1.2 amplifier and so far have been using just one channel. my assumptions are as follows:

    at 4 ohms, the stewart should put out 600 watts per channel or 1200 watts when bridged.

    at 8 ohms it would be around 300W per channel or 600W in the bridged mono mode.

    my question would then be, will both scenarios deliver the same tone and volume? (ie: be nearly indistinguishable)

    or more clearly: will my 8 ohm acme sound the same bridged mono (600 watts) as a 4 ohm running on a single stereo channel (600 watts)

    also, if I do try it in the mono mode, presumably I just push the mono button, and make the appropriate hookups. but which channel vol. nob would I use? 1 or 2? or do I use both?


    does any of this make sense?

  2. martens-koop


    Oct 10, 2002
    One other question I've got: if the 8 ohm version of an acme has the same speakers as the 4 ohm version, then where is all that power going in order to cut a power amp in half? or are the speakers themselves actually different in some physical way?

    thanks!!! sorry that this is such a technical and uninteresting topic, but I'd really appreciate any ideas you guys might have!!! (especially about potential tone / handling issues)