Acme Low B4 with padded cover (Seattle area)

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  1. This cab is still available. I am looking to sell it or trade for a nice 2X10 or 2X12 (Eden D210XST would be exactly what I am looking for, but I am open to other options)

    For sale, Acme Low B4 series 2 4X10 bass cab with padded cover. This cab sounds really deep, and is one of the best cabs out there for handling a low B string. 8 ohms, so you can combine it with something else for a monstrous sound if you wanted, but it sounds amazing on its own. Very clear without the midrange bump that most cabs have, you can even use this as a PA speaker in a pinch, and it sounds great! Controls on the back to turn down the mids and tweeter if all you want is deep low end.

    Here's a thread on Talk Bass discussing the acme cabs:

    100% functional and in almost new cosmetic shape.

    Selling because it is a little too big and heavy for what I need these days.

    New this would cost just under $1000 with the padded cover. I bought it used from Bass NW a couple of months ago for $600 (they thoroughly check out all of their gear before selling, and it hasn't been gigged since I bought it, so I know it is 100% in perfect order). Save some cash on a great cab and buy it from me.



    I work in the Seattle U district and live in Lynnwood, so I can meet you in either location, or anywhere within reasonable distance.
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    Bump for an awesome cab. Buy this so I don't have to!

    Oh I wish I could afford this right now... I would replace one of my 4-ohm cabs with it so I could chain more cabs together off my power amps.
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    I just saw this cab on the local craigslist! I've been dying to try one out ever since I got my little low B-1. I wish I had some spare cash! Local deals are always the best. Looking for any trades?
  4. As for trades, I am looking for something smaller, preferably 2 4ohm cabs, either 2X10 or maybe even 2X12. The Genz Benz cabs that were up yesterday looked like a perfect match, but someone snagged up the 2X12 before me, and I will need more than just one 2X10, so I am up for a trade if it is locally. Genz Benz, Eden, or other nice cabs are what I am looking for. The new price on the Acme is approaching $1000, and this one is in tip top shape, so something of similar value, or something plus cash either way.
  5. Here are a couple of pictures

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  6. Still available, now interested in trades for either a 4 ohm B2, or another good quality 2X10 or 2X12 cabinet.
  7. Updated Price
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    I have a Series II B2 (4 ohm) and another potential 2x12 I'd consider trading.


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    And a PM sent.

  10. Still available, now with a lower price!