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Acme too quiet - trying Bag End

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by CaptainWally, Jan 4, 2001.

  1. I posted several weeks ago about the purchase
    of my Acme Low B-2. I have been VERY pleased
    with the tone of this cabinet, and initially I
    thought it would be loud enough to meet my
    immediate needs. However, after a few rehearsals
    with it (I am running an Ampeg SVTIII pro), I
    have decided this configuration isn't loud enough
    for even rehearsal, let alone gigs.

    I should note that an absolute requirement of my
    rig is that it fit in the trunk of my car, which
    the Acme does nicely (Eden 2x10 XLT does not).

    My rig evolution plan was to replace the Ampeg with
    a QSC or similar amp and separate preamp and add
    another Acme. Certain economic trends have left
    me thinking this will get quite expensive. Also,
    MichaelN had such a rig and switched his cabinet
    choices because of volume problems.

    So in talking to the good people of BassNW, I have
    decided to give Bag End a try. 4/5 sales gurus
    play 2 1x15 Bag End Cabs, which is impressive given
    that they have tried pretty much everything and could
    probably buy whatever they wanted heavily discounted.

    I ordered a Bag Eng 1x15 (no Coax) for $400. If I
    like it, I will purchase another, possibly with the
    coax if I'm missing highs. This will be WAY cheaper
    than my original plan as I'm told I can use the SVTIII
    for both and not have volume problems.

    Anyone have any thoughts or opionions?
  2. basspla915


    Mar 28, 2000
    Bangor, Maine
    Hey Captain,

    For years, the owner of the store where I buy all my bass rigs had tried to get me to buy BagEnd. I wouldnt hear about it and broke my back lugging around a Hartke 4x10 along with various 1x15 cabs. I also never got the sound I wanted....

    Fast forward to today.....One of my current rigs is an Ashdown ABM 900 amp driving two cabs; BagEnd 1x15 coaxial and Euphonic Audio VL208 cabs. I have more than enough volume, plenty of punch and the cabs are about the size of a small college refrigerator (easy fit into a car trunk)The EA cab also has attenuator knobs for mids and highs.

    I would recommend either cab but would also say that if you want mids and highs, go with the coaxial. Although my current amp puts out a lot of power, previously I had the Ashdown ABM 500 (576 watts) and it also had more than enough punch...

    Good luck with your search!

  3. basspla915


    Mar 28, 2000
    Bangor, Maine
    Hey Captain,

    Noticed in your profile that you play a Lakland 55-94 Just wanted to mention that one of my basses is a Lakland 55-63 and with the previous mentioned rig,,,,it smokes!!!

  4. jock


    Jun 7, 2000
    Stockholm, Sweden
    I am also considering bagend speakers at the moment.
    I will probably go for the S15-D.
    And with that ither the S15X-D (coaxial) $600 or the S12-D $350 for more mids and highs. I have always turned off the tweeter in every cab I´ve played so I dont need one.

    Anyone tried the 12"???

    S15X-D (coaxial) vs S12-D???

  5. slam

    slam Guest

    Mar 22, 2000
    The Bag End, with a sensitivity of over 100 (102 I think) should be quite a bit louder than the Acme.

    I got my Bag End 6 months ago and I have been spoiled ever since by the tone, the volume and the size. I will get another one someday, but for the moment, one is enough.

    The non-coax version has plenty of high end for my taste, YMMV.
  6. That's true, but to be fair, I only had volume problems in outdoor situations when there was no P.A. reinforcement for the bass. That happened to me a number of times this past summer, and that was what led me to go to the Epifani T-310 / T-212 combination.

    I was NEVER lacking for volume on indoor gigs. Sorry if I hadn't made that clear.

  7. I run a 1x12 Bag End speaker in an SWR cab, which I sit on top of a 1x15. Sounds good to me. Also have Bag End drivers in my PA cabs, and they are great.
  8. Thanks for the clarification Michael.

    For the money you had in your Acme/QSC rig (i.e.,
    the money I would need to invest to get to the
    level of your previous rig), you should be able
    to destroy small planets with your B string.

    Got my Bag End S-15D today and will try it tonight.
    Man, it is really light and small. I'm really
    pleased with the weight, size, and handles. Hope
    the tone works out!

  9. I hope it works out too, Captain!

  10. CaptainWally , Please let us know how you like your new S-15D. I've got a bad case of Bag End G.A.S. and would love to hear your new cube review, thanks
  11. Here is my review of the Bag End:

    - Size weight are awesome - easy to carry
    - Handles good but would be better if set up
    to carry cab. with cone sideways rather than up/down
    - Construction fair+, but not on par w/ Eden and Acme
    - Very clear, articulate balanced tone
    - Fairly low coloration - balanced across frequencies
    - Handles B string fairly well, but the lows don't
    even come close to Acme (but then what does?)
    - Plenty loud enough
    - Cuts through a mix well even w/ 1x15
    - I may not need a coaxial as it gets plenty of highs
    for me

    - I think 2x15's is a great way to go. Easy to
    carry, very versitile as you can just use one if
    that's all you need, the tone sounds good esp. if
    you like the kind of tone described and two 15's will
    fill about any venue.

    I am still in love w/ the Acme tone and actually prefer
    it, but Acme's are a pain in the butt - require gobs
    of power and you have to tweak 'em to get articulate
    highs. To that end, I will probably keep the Bag End
    AND the Acme and add another Bag End and a
    moderate upgrade of my amp (from 450 to 600-700W) which
    would give me the choice of running 1 4ohm Acme (running
    louder hopefully than what is is now) or two
    8 ohm Bag Ends. Bottom line is the tones are both good,
    but simply different.

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