acoustic 220 footswitch????

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  1. i just recently bought a 220 from a friend's parent, and i saw on the back that it had two speaker outputs, a preamp out, a power amp in, and a footswitch input. i was curious if anyone knew what it did/does, and if one of those boss footswitches could be compatible. thanks a lot.

  2. i looked and looked on that thing and couldn't find anything that said anything about the footswitch. i'm more curious about it than anything. i just think it would be cool to use the power boost mid-playing, if that's what it does. anyone else know where i can find out about this thing?
  3. Hello, check out , I *believe* i read there that the footswitch toggle's the graphic eq.
    I recently got some manuals and stuff on the B-220 from BillyB I'll put them online if ya want.
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    Join the forum I gave earlier. Engeneers from ex-Acoustic Corp. are there as forum posters....
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    Yes the manual states that the footswitch controls the Graphic EQ and that any footswitch would work. It would have to be a push on-push off type not a momentary switch (like a keyboard expression pedal).