Acoustic 220 footswitch

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  1. LeftyLB70P


    May 4, 2005
    Athens, Ga.
    I just bought an Acoustic 220 :hyper:
    I am wondering about the input jack for the footswitch, is it a 1/4" jack or the proprietary one they used? The 230 in the manual that I found has the square 1, but the pictures of the guts on the 220 (which is the only thing that I could find) made it appear that there were 5 quarter inch jacks 1-spkr 1-ext spkr, 1-pre-amp out, 1-power amp in, & 1 footswitch (i am guessing here).

    Oh, this amp was made in '81. I believe that probably matters (but I am guessing)

    Any input please.
  2. gwreid


    Apr 8, 2005
    That's a great amp. If yours is in good shape you'll love it... despite the weight!!!

    Mine has a regular quarter inch jack with an on/off foot switch and it operates the graphic equalizer. I've had my 220 since new in about 1978 and never used the footswitch, I always leave the GE on. Mine didn't come with a switch but at some point our keyboard player gave me one.

    Good luck. G.
  3. LeftyLB70P


    May 4, 2005
    Athens, Ga.
    Thanks, I was a little worried b/c I read somewhere that if the proprietary switch had not been engaged, you couldn't use the graphic E.Q.

    I just bought a 120 a month or so ago and liked it so much that I picked htis one up. I am really excited to get it and put it on a stage :bassist: