Acoustic 370, etc- Trade for preamp?

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  1. thwackless


    Nov 24, 2003
    Smithfield, RI

    Above are links to bad pix of 370 bass head in good working order, and Yamaha RX-120 drum machine.

    Also have:
    American Speaker 2-way x-over;
    Alesis 3630 compressor;
    T.C. Electronics Triple-C compressor;
    Calzone 8-space road box;
    Digitech DSP digital reverb (needs repair);
    Other, virtual items.

    I need to hook-up with a decent bass preamp. The T.C. Electronics item is not easily let go of, but if you have something ass-kicking, I'll deal with that. I'd kind of like to keep one of the compressors...

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