Acoustic 370 head for your bass pre

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  1. thwackless


    Nov 24, 2003
    Smithfield, RI
    370 in fine working condition. Looks pretty tight for 30 years old: One wobbly slider on the graphic eq; a ding, etc here and there on the Tolex; minor rust on the metal corners. Missing one rubber \'foot\'.

    Has a recessed steel handle (one-piece). All solid-state, original specs are 365 watts @ 2 ohms (at 10% THD, but it\'s an oldie!). With the right cabs, this booger\'ll cross your eyes and whip a bowl of raw eggs. I\'ve been using it for Jazz and reggae gigs, fine for medium-sized rooms. Fine anywhere if you\'re running through the house...

    I\'m in need of a preamp to use my Crest power amp with- I need headroom for the reggae band. I\'ll consider selling for $250, + shipping, or trading for a decent pre (better idea for me at this point). Yamaha PB-1, Ampeg SVP Pro, BBE bass pre, Sansamp RBI, other interesting and solid units considered.

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