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    Jan 28, 2009
    Hey guys,

    I stopped by my local Guitar Center on Saturday and played a few basses (and guitars because i'm lazy) through the new(er) model Acoustic B100. What I really loved about the amp was the built-in Overdrive Circuit and the ability to turn the Notch/Shaping filter on and off.

    I have the older version that I bought in 2009 and gigged with for about 2 years and I was wondering if I would be better served to trade-in the older amp or put the difference into a dedicated overdrive pedal.

    I'm not very concerned with this being a 'lateral' move or losing too much money on the deal. The old amp is 10 years, in really good condition and I was offered at least 10% off the new amp sight-unseen. Plus, the newer model is listed around $200, so any money I could get from a trade-in would be a benefit.

    Let me know what you guys think and Mods, feel free to move to the Effects forum if need-be.
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    Sep 14, 2010
    Agreed the Acoustic preamps are ironically better than most the typical bass mid mid treble controls found on most more expensive brands lol.

    And also definitely the notch filter is extremely useful for high gain distortion.

    I'm not a fan of Class D so absolutely don't care a bit for anything that has to do with it. Likewise absolutely uninterested in light switch turd power supplies

    The earlier class AB Acoustics even though frowned upon and disgraced cause of the Guitar Center affiliated nature.
    Actually again have better pres than most more expensive brand names. And actually sound pretty good when driving hard.

    I like head versions. The factory speakers are of course not very special. But wake up into better cabs

    I'd go class AB and use a external distortion pedal
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    Jan 28, 2009

    Thanks for the help. So put the money from the trade-in into a dedicated distortion pedal? Sounds good. Do you have any recommendations in that department. I'm mostly looking for that 'tube tone' when it comes to overdrive.
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    Sep 14, 2010
    Everyone wants " tube tone" in distortion pedal.
    Probably million opinions on what is the best distortion pedal out there.
    Really a listening test is best option.
    Probably a quick search in effects section might help.
    Why trade in a working amp? Are you performing live or just tinkering around for practice at home.
    At home a low latency sound card/ input for musical instruments would be good choice.
    Used along with literally hundreds of VST type amp emulations. Probably give you hundreds of distortion options. Cabinet emulation for recording/practice and pre amp/ amp models. I'd look at multiple bass or guitar emulation packages from IK multimedia including numerous Fender and Ampeg approved emulations

    For real distortion type pedals it depends. The Big Muff being incredible generic answer. To newer deluxe bass big muff designed for bass. I'm over the big muff thing ...lots guys still love them.
    I'd look at the common Boss offerings. MXR offerings and the Electro Harmonics offerings. Including probably a zillion pedal demos on YouTube.

    Some guys want " fuzz" sound some want " distortion"

    Just like the Acoustic getting shuned. even freaking behringer makes absolute dead on copies of pretty famous distortion pedals that go for 300 / 400 bucks for the originals. If you wanna join the snob crowd I guess they are junk lol. Otherwise just cheap case with same old electronics for 29 dollars instead of 400.

    I play extremely heavy music so I like using distortion pedals with at least 2 band EQs. And for disgusting massive high gain tend to use metal type guitar pedals or fuzz pedals. Mainly cause guitar pedals have 2 to 3 band EQ and ajustable notch filters which is somewhat essential for very very high gain. Just like the notch on the Acoustic amp.

    Some my dirty disgusting fuzz favorites is the Univox Super Fuzz, Boss Hyper fuzz FZ-2 ( basically a super fuzz with 2 band Eq) or the dead on behringer copy SF300 super fuzz. Again it's a Univox super fuzz with a 2 band EQ for 29 dollars instead of 400. And yes behringer has also copied the well known OC boss series. For " normal distortion"

    Also Earthquaker Devices and Darkglass seem to be popular boutique company's you can spend lots of snobby money on
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    Jan 28, 2009
    Damn, thanks for the info.

    I'm getting back into the hobby because I finally have job and financial stability (hence the GAS attack). So, for now I'm mostly practicing and shaking the rust off, messing around with my tone and trying to get the most out of my gear. I'd absolutely love to play out and at this point I would be more than happy to 'weekend warrior' or even jam with some folks when I've built my confidence back up.

    I guess what I mean by 'tube tone' specifically is that slight overdrive that you would hear in live albums from the 60's. Probably not to the level you go, but something close to this:

    And yeah, my main amp in a hard rock band in High School was a Behringer half-stack and it held up pretty well. I've read the Behringer Overdriver is essentially a Boss Overdrive in a plastic shell and for $25 is a 'could be worth' option. I can understand why Behringer being 'cheap' makes it a punching bag, but it held up to 2-3 hours of practice daily, getting moved in open pick-up trucks. And weekly gigs during my senior year.

    I'm also currently separated from all of my gear, but ordered a Squier VI. I do have my mac with garageband to fool around and experiment with in the meantime.
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    Sep 14, 2010 at Pompeii is essentially the first goosebump expierence which made me wanna play drums and likewise bass specific the bass tone on the Echoes jam sections.

    Ironically I believe it's mainly 100 watt solid state tone. And supposedly a Fuzz Face for distortion.

    Which is funny cause just like cheap older Acoustic amps I've gotten some pretty dang good tone just driving dirt simple 100 watt combo amps.

    In late 70s only pedals Rogers ever used for bass was the Electro Harmonics Bassballs and a MXR phase 90

    Funny cause most fuzz guys hate the Bassballs but some love it. Most usually rather use the old but true big muff. But Bassballs has cool interesting sub harmonic generator with envelope

    Phase 90 being a not so over bearing lame swooshie sounding phaser cause it's just a simple 2 stage phaser. Speed control and that's it. Probably one my favorite phasers for bass. Other than a Electro Harmonics small stone. Again very very simple 2 stage phaser.

    Fuzz Face I got the 90s red reissue using the reproduction germanium transistors made by Nte

    Closest germanium style fuzz face that gets the older sound right.

    Really you can ignore most the bull crap magic transistor stuff that pedal guys push.

    2 real fuzz faces were the older arbiters that used very low gain germanium transistors with hfe of 60 to 100

    The later " band of gypsies" Hendrix era mega high gain blue colored fuzz face used silicon transistors with hfe of 200 to 300

    That's really it. There is plenty not many lol, but enough low gain silicon transistors that have a hfe of around 80 to 120 and that will get the " germanium tone" just just fine.

    That circuit is designed to push the living hell out of older low gain 60 to 100 hfe transistors. So if you slap in usual general purpose 200 to 300 hfe transistors it's really alot of drive. Trick is to just use lower silicon's in the 80 to 100 range and that's really all the mystical magic to transistor hype for the fuzz face. And incredible more friendly to just get a npn version instead the old pnp versions

    Only reason I mentioned the fuzz face cause supposedly that's what waters is using in live at Pompeii.
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    Jan 28, 2009
    Damn, I'll look in to the Fuzz Face for sure. I totally agree, Mason's drumming is great during that whole concert. All the guys in Pink Floyd managed to be really understated (musically) and work together to build amazing songs. Also, after going back and listening again after a few years, it sounds really 'jazzy' and I can't quite figure out why...

    But do you think that type of tone is realistic with a 'basic' or 'simple' overdrive pedal such as the Boss Bass Overdrive or the Behringer clone?