acoustic b450?

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    New pics...played the other ones and thought they were pretty good. Not great but good.
  2. yeah, i've got a vintage acoustic head, and this combo looks interesting to me. can't find any info on it though.
  3. from this thread

    I would love to see a picture and know how much it weighs - 100 watts more than the new GK MB210 !
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    My buddy got one and he says that it blows his 700RB and 210 cab out of the water. I have yet to hear it, so I can't back him up, but he normally is pretty good when it comes to tone.
  5. The Acoustic B450 bass amplifier features two inputs—one for passive and one for active pickups, plus input gain and output volume controls. The clip indicator lets you know when your signal is overdriving the preamp, although with the harmonically rich distortion of the B450's preamp circuit, you definitely should try overdriving it. Add the 6-band EQ and footswitch controlled notch filter into the mix, and you've got total tone control. The amp's tuner Send signal, coupled with the footwitchable mute function, allows you to tune your bass silently on stage.

    The Acoustic B450 bass combo's rear panel offers an array of possibilities. The external speaker output allows you to add additional speaker cabinets (down to a 2 Ohm load) for earthshaking bottom, and increases the total output to 600 watts (2 Ohms). The direct out with independent level control—which you can send pre or post EQ—is perfect for getting a solid DI signal to a console for live sound reinforcement or studio recording. The 450-watt bass amp's effects loop with mix control allows you to work with line-level, studio-grade effects for advanced tone shaping. The B450 is the perfect combo for high-volume club gigs and more.

    Acoustic B450 450W Bass Combo Amp Features:

    Power: 450 Watts
    Speakers: 2 x 10" Heavy-Duty Speakers
    EQ: 6-Band EQ with Sweepable Frequency Notch Filter
    Inputs: Dual Inputs (Passive and Active)
    Outputs: External Speaker Jack—600 Watts of Total Output
    Dimensions: 26.8"H x 19.8" W x 15.2"D
    Weight: 71 lb.
  6. finally some pics are showing up for it - looks nice and its almost the same dimensions as the b200 and a few pounds lighter


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    So, I picked up a B450 from a local GC here in the Denver area about a week ago. I have to admit, and I sound like all the others, this thing really does sound great. Only had the opportunity to play it at one rehearsal with a guitar player playing through a 5150 head and 4x12 cab. It more than easily kept up with the gain at about 9:00 and master at 8:00 playing my Am Deluxe Jazz.

    One dilemma though. I noticed a buzz when playing anything from A down to E. It sounds as if there is a loose screw holding one of the speakers. . . How the heck do you remove the grill on these things?!?!? Since it's only a week old I had thought about bringing it back to GC for a replacement but kind-of don't want to deal with the hassle. Does anyone know - I'm somewhat afraid if ripping the fabric or voiding any sort of warranty.

  8. to take my B20 grill cover off you stick a small flat screwdriver in around the white piping and pry lightly and the whole grill cage comes out
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    Played one today at GC and have to agree, it is one very loud bass combo, with great low end thump, punchy mids and sizzling highs. I A/B'd it with the GK MB210 and, at comparable volumes, I'd get the 450 . It is heavy though, and I would consider casters or a dolly.
  10. one of these w/ a 410 cab would be killer
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    It looks identical to the B600H head, layout wise. I bet that it's the same under the hood, with a 4 ohm load for 450 watts r.m.s. I have the B600H and a pair of the B410 cabs, and constantly get compliments on my tone. I usually just run one cab, in a power trio with a 50 watt JCM 800 and a strong drummer. It sits beautifully in the mix. I wish they weren't made out of MDF, but for the money, I can't complain. The components are top notch and the speakers sound great.
  12. chadsaylor


    Feb 3, 2010
    own it and love it. I have it paired with a 15
  13. Played one at GC this weekend -- they have a terrific sound and a heck of a lot of volume. Is it enough for bar gigs?

    GC (Chicago) has it for $575 -- not much for all that wattage.
  14. I compared this with 2 Markbass combos and an Ampeg combo at GC this weekend. Also tried a GK 2x10 combo (horrible). Nothing comes close to this unit and it's half as much money as the markbass 2x10 combo. I am 45 and have played thousands of indoor and outdoor gigs. I don't think you would need anything else for amplification. Yes it seems heavy. Specs say 71lbs but it has very nice handles and pre-drilled holes for casters.

    Purchasing mine tomorrow.
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    Funny... I just A/B'd this amp with the GK MB210 a week ago and I thought the GK beat it hands down. I don't think this amp had a bad sound (apart from some horrible intermittent crackling, but that was probably just that particular unit), but it didn't seem to have the tonal options of the GK, even with the 6-band EQ. But to each his own!
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    Just used the new rig for the second weekend and I am honestly even more impressed. Note that I just traded in a Markbass LMK-II and 2 - Aguilar DB112's. I am now running the B450 on top of the Acoustic Neo-210 and I could not be happier. Playing beside a guitarist with a Red Tolex Plexi who is NOT afraid to grab some volume, I had 0, ZERO problem more than hanging with the Pre at 9-11 depending how much grind I was looking for on that particular song and the Master NEVER went past 3. There is NOTHING (IMHO)(25 years, International Touring and Sessions) "for the $$$$" that comes close. Tone wise, we all know what kind of rigs are available but you could probably buy 3-4 of my set ups for the price.

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  17. Love mine - and I power up an Acoustic B-410 and/or an Acoustic B-115 at the same time.

    I've also used it with the Acoustic B-410 and the Acoustic B-810 - getting to 2.67 Ohms and that's still in specs. That gives me 14-10" drivers at once. Talk about power!

    My B-450 had a problem with the wire spade connex at the speaker making intermittent contact on the upper 10" and it sounded like a bad cone or a blown amp. It was a very small thing that I fixed by myself by soldering pigtails on both speakers and then going to bullet connectors.

    The lower driver stayed running and kept the amp loaded, so it was just a bad noise that caused no damage.

    I equate heavy with quality though and don't have any trouble with it weighing what it does. I gotta admit that I have a really big step-kid who in/out loads it for me though. For that I feed him regularly.

    A lot of people don't understand that the Notch Filter has NO indicator light on it and they don't always know if they are running it or not. If it's ON, it can sound a little odd if you aren't expecting it. That is prolly the one single problem new players have with it and they dismiss it as poor sounding and shallow in the mids.

    BTW: If you want to run a dual-pedal to operate the Notch and the Standby - it's kinda simple (after I diagnosed the situation) and I will help you get the correct pedal and THEN modify it to work correctly. Let me know. GC has no idea what works and doesn't - they just sell them. The 'factory' which is just a warehouse - won't help either and they don't even list a pedal on their website.
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    none yet
    Where do i find these amps in Europe?:help:
    Anyone know.:bag:
    P.m. me if you know any sites that i could get it on in Europe!;)
  19. Since they are pretty much licensed and sold at GC and it's associated stores, you may have to find one of them - if they exist in whatever part of 'Europe' you live.