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Acoustic Bass Guitars for 500-600usd that are worth considering

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by earthchild, May 11, 2010.

  1. earthchild


    Dec 26, 2008

    Ive been looking for an acoustic bass guitar with a budget of 500 - 600 usd, and unfortunately cant try much out for sound and playabilty - living somewhere with barely any choice available.

    As many of you may have a lot more experience than myself in this area, could you please recommend models available nowadays that would be worth considering.

    All input would be appreciated.

  2. Moe Monsarrat

    Moe Monsarrat Supporting Member

    Jul 30, 2006
    Austin, Tx.
    Endorsing artist:Regenerate Guitar Works Carvin, Micheal Kelly Guitars
    The only one I like in that range is the Michael Kelly Dragonfly or Club bass. Mine is fretless. With a set of TI flats, you can get an amazingly respectable URB sound from it through an amp. Without an amp any acoustic bass guitar is just about useless unless you're playing alone. The bronze strings they all come with are louder than flats, but sound like crap through an amp. Of course that's just my opinion.
  3. MD


    Nov 7, 2000
    Marin Co. CA.
  4. 1954bassman


    Jun 7, 2004
    Hickory, NC
    I have and recommend an epiphone El capitan fretless five with GHS tapewounds I picked up for $300 with a case.
  5. I saw Nathan East on the Clapton DVD and wanted an AEB very badly.

    That bass was big, black, thick and resonant. OK - it might've been the DI mix, but it had presence!

    I don't think you have to spend $500-600 US for a good one though.

    I got the Ibanez AEB10E-BK and love it. It lists for about $350.00 US, and I don't think much except aesthetics can make a better guitar. But, with that the Ibanez is very smart-looking and great sounding.

    It has a battery tray for twin AAs, a built in tuner and three zoned-EQs. There is even what I would call a pre-amp for more presence to add/dim the sound.

    It's a gigant-o and that means LARGE even in metric!


    The machines are good and smooth and the neck has an honest-to-goodness truss rod.

    When I play I have terrible high-note phobia when basses play tinny and brassy, but the bronze wounds on the AEB are fantastic, and I know it's not my playing style. I can get fret buzz on a harmonica and string zip while playing an electronic piano.
  6. Novice Bassist

    Novice Bassist Guest

    May 11, 2010
    I agree with SurferJoe46. I recently purchased a used 4 string Ibanez AEB10E-DVS for $200 (you can find them new for about $350 - $400). I wasnÂ’t looking for another acoustic bass but saw it in the store, played it and had to have it. I was surprised at how deep and rich the sound is even without it being plugged in. I have a Roland Bass Cube amp and plugging the Ibanez into that makes quite an impression. I also have a Greg Bennett AB11CE that I bought used for $400 and although it has great sound as well, I have to say I prefer the deeper sound of the Ibanez.
  7. MNAirHead

    MNAirHead Supporting Member

    Ditto on the Ibanez.. if you want fretted...

    Dragonfly if you want fretless...

    You'll end up plugging it in.

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