Acoustic bass neck lacquer cracked

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  1. Tibbz2


    Feb 8, 2017
    So I think my acoustic bass may have been knocked or fallen into something as there is an area on the neck where the lacquer has shattered and cracked. It is not a large area, maybe an inch across but it is noticeable. Is there an easy fix for this, or a way to stop any shards coming off it?

  2. bholder

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    Sep 2, 2001
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    Same thing happening to one of my really nice jazz guitars, I'm wondering how to at least stop or slow the spread of the delaminations. Subbed for learning.
  3. lz4005


    Oct 22, 2013
    You can wick very thin glue or matching lacquer into the cracks and then buff it smooth. You may or may not be able to still see the crack, but it won't get worse.
  4. Drgonzonm


    Sep 4, 2017
    American SW
    I would do a web search for lacquer thinners. You might want to consider some lacquer solvent, and a toothpick. Wet the toothpick and transfer to the neck and a crack. when finished, rub hard with denim. this a time consuming method. Depending on how old your instrument is, you have some options.
  5. Arie X

    Arie X

    Oct 19, 2015
    i'm not a finish guru and don't even use lacquer but it can be "remelted" chemically so that new finsh can be introduced and repaired. Also it can be "drop filled" with CA for small repairs and tinted to match aging. And, it can also be repaired with "burn in sticks" -Behlen makes a repair kit for this. You're gonna want to clean it out before doing any work on it. SOP is to use DI water applied with pipettes to gently flush out dirt so that you won't seal it in during the repair.

    No picture -so i'll assume that the area is pretty small, so i suggest the CA drop fill method.