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  1. I have a resonator bass because it was the loudest acoustic one I could find. I also reckon it's more comfy to play (when seated) as the body depth gives more support to my arm, compared to an electric.

    Any strong opinions on the following?

    - No point buying a resonator because it's still too quiet to avoid amplification when playing with a few other people (i.e. if got wood alternative would have wider choice, sweeter tone).

    - Do all acoustic basses have the strings under higher tension and make them a bit harder to play? I'm thinking of getting an acoustic fretless, but fear I'd be making a rod for my own back.

    - Are nice-looking semi-acoustic basses (c.f. Ibanez Artcore) a stylistic gimmick that are intrinsically flawed (otherwise everyone would make them), or do they deliver the goods?

    - My reso has a magnetic pickup which works a treat. Are other acoustic basses all piezo-based and prone to nasty feedback?

    Ah, it's so easy to (try to) justify spending money on the next piece of equipment...
  2. Most bang for the buck is the Olympia, a lower line Tacoma Thunderchief. Its design makes it loud. But technique is also important, which leads to strings.

    There is a special version of a Thuderchief that is completely mahogany and it seels new on an ebay store for around 800 with a case.

    You have to try Thomastic Infeld Acousticores. They have a nylon core which makes them comfy to play and possible to dig in and get bark and growl. Awesome strings. Low tension and tight windings.

    Second choice would be the nylon roundwounds that Fender makes

    Third choice: some black tapewounds.

    Standard phosphor bronze over steel suck: sound like a guitar acoustically and are a real chore to play and feel horrible.

    Summary: Get a used Thunderchief with Thomatic Infeld Strings. When you play acoustically with guitars, make sure you are in a sweet spot in the room: Near a corner and over a wood or tile floor. This will maximize your projection. Play closer to the bridge and don't be afraid to dig in on the Thomastics. They love it.

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