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    Jun 17, 2008
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    I am looking into purchasing an acoustic bass. I will be playing it in a trio with a acoustic guitarist/singer and snare drummer. It will be a low volume group and there is a good chance I will play the bass directly (thorough a DI) into our PA. We will primarily play blues and blues influenced rock.

    I have decided aganist Godin or Turner Reinassance basses (partly due to cost, partly because it is not the sound I want). Instead I am looking to purchase an acoustic bass such as a Taylor, etc.

    I am interested in the forum's collective wisdom on what acoustic basses give the best value for my money.

    I currently play only 5-string electric basses. Is the low B string worth it on an acoustic bass? I have read varying opinions with major complaint being lack of lower fundamentals and a large sound volume drop from the E to the B string. I would also appreciate your input on this subject.

    Thanks in advance for you input.
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    Jun 26, 2009
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    I have this bass on the link below. It plays great and sounds amazing. I play this bass the most out of all my other basses because I practice with it alot. I have used it in a live setting before and it worked great plugged in also with the fisherman pickup. The body really thin compared to most other acoustic basses so it lacks a little bit of volume unplugged but Im able to get loud enough to heard. It also makes it very comfortable to play.

    Yes it is a signiture (Im not crazy about signiture guitars myself) but it doesnt have Victor Bailey hand signitiure on it, just a small little icon of him on the head stock. They also make a five string version of this bass.:bassist:

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    I can vouch for the Takamine EG512. Decent acoustic volume and well built. Also well behaved regarding feedback as I recall.

    Do a search... "ABG", "acoustic"... lots of threads on this subject.


    Aug 30, 2001
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    I also play in a similar format but only use my 4 string Jazz bass. What would be nice about the 5 string, is that sometimes when the guitarist capos or uses alternate tunings, I'm wishing I had the low B to play in certain keys. Just a consideration.
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    Nov 24, 2008