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Acoustic Basses.... HELP!

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Selinarox, Dec 21, 2004.

  1. Selinarox


    Dec 21, 2004
    I am new here. I know nothing about guitars/basses. My boyfriend is an experience player and he has been wanting an acoustic bass for a while. I am straped on cash, but would really like to get him one for X-mas. I found a Carlo Robelli Acoustic/Electric at Sam Ash for around $200. This is really all I can afford to spend. Is this crap...or would it be a nice gift for the price....HELP!
    I would really appricaite any input. Thanx!
  2. save your $$. I bought my Tacoma Thunderchief used for $275 with the preamp gutted, a neck repair and no case. Well worth it.

    If you want new, look for the "Olympia" line of Tacoma basses.

    Regardless of what you end up with, make sure you get good strings: either Thomastic Acousticores or Rotosound True Bass or some other tapewound.

    The bad news is cheap ABG are crap: Not good guitars and not good basses.

    The good news is that a used, beat up quality ABG sounds and plays better than a new one.

    There are very few decent massed produced ones:

    Tacoma Thunderchief

    good Korean built:

    Look for Warwick to produce the Alien ABG again.


    Brice/essex might be worth a shot, but cannot recommend b/c I have not played one

    Kelley Basses: call and ask for a scratch-and-dent model.

    One maxim to heed with ABGs: BIGGER IS BETTER.
  3. Hi, thanks for posting a very good question.

    The Carlos Robelli stuff I've looked at has been, well, OK, but not great, unfortunately. So if your boyfriend is an experienced player, he may not be really thrilled with it. Basically, Carlos Robelli makes a lot of entry level stuff, it's not completely crap but an experienced player would recognize a lot of things on it that wouldn't be high-quality.

    Also, me personally, I have to pick up an instrument and play it before I decide if the neck, the feel, etc, is really right for me. There's some $1500 basses out there that I don't like or don't feel comfortable playing. Buying an instrument is a very personal decision, for me at least.

    But it's a heck of a good thought! Perhaps give him a gift certificate or something to help him out when he's ready to get an acoustic?