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acoustic cab with peavey speaker

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by tlinder, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. tlinder


    Aug 28, 2009
    I bought a acoustic b115 cab used at a music store,noticed speaker had a brushed aluminum speaker frame,and i noticed that the new b115s in store had a black frame around speaker,so i took speaker out and did some research and it is a peavey scorpion,would this be a up grade? I also purchased a used b200 head,plugged it in and it sounded great,so i went to peaveys website and it said that speaker needed a ported cab, so I looked up a bass cab peavey used to make with a single 15 inch scorpion, and it was the same size cab as the acoustic,so I cut 2 3inch ports at bottom corners of cab,plugged in b200 head plugged in my mike dirnt fender tele bass and WOW is all i can say shook the windows in my bedroom on about 4 volume, try it !!!
  2. I've wondered myself about porting my B-115 and my b-410s. They are advertised as 'ported design' and it might be a good idea to add some holes.

    I dunnow. The voice from them now is just fine - but there's that niggling idea that they might be better in some way.
  3. 5port


    Oct 14, 2009
    LI,new yawk
    Already did it. I installed two 4" X 4.5" port tubes and installed a 400W 4 ohm Celestion speaker. It seems to have increased the spl big time and high power handling is great now. I removed the 50 cent plastic tweeter and made that one of the ports. Notice that the new B115 MKII is now ported and the speaker is upgraded to 450W. I drive it with one side of my BX1500 (450W) and it just cranks out the volume now with no distortion. Also sounds great with my MB200.


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