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Acoustic Guitars?! What to buy?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by Jimmy4string, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. I may be venturing into cuhntreh and thinking a guitar might be good. I know less than 0 about guitars -except i like the plastic strings moar. :)
    Any good brands? I am looking to spend about $300-$400
  2. I love my seagull. Sounds great, feels great. think i got a steal for 200, and usually used in the 300-400 range. Made in canada, sub brand of godin i believe
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  3. I'd love to give helpful advice, but as far as nylon strings I got nothin.

    Good luck. Guitar is fun! (did I just say that on TB, hope I don't get slagged to bad! :smug:)
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  4. Oh yeah, nylon, duh. Mines a steel string guitar, but i have ball end nylon strings on it. Theyre great, turns any guitar into a classical! :thumbsup: i do know classical guitars typically have wider necks/string spacing than steel strings.
  5. Badwater


    Jan 12, 2017
    Yamaha, Segull, Alvarez, Mitchell, Taylor, Martin, or Court would be my choice of brands. And in the auditorium shape with steel strings. They are easy to fret and feel more comfortable than a jumbo, classical, or dreadnought style acoustic. But everyone is different, and you'll need to feel them out.
  6. Man oh man. There are so many choices. It's worse than asking what bass you should buy.

    Acoustic guitars at the $300-400 price range aren't going to be great, but I do agree with the poster who cited the exception, which is Seagull. (I own a 20-year-old Seagull S6 with mahogany back and sides, which is unusual--they're normally cherry.) If you want a nylon string guitar, I'd recommend another brand in the Seagull family, LaPatrie. (They're all owned by Godin.) You can find a used or blemished LaPatrie in your price range on Reverb. You'll be getting an instrument made in Canada from at least partially Canadian wood.

    Failing that, Yamaha is always a safe bet.

    Nylon strings are not the norm in country music, but Willie Nelson and Zach Brown both play nylon string guitars, and they seem to do all right. ;)
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