Acoustic Image Focus

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  1. SOLD

    Up for sale is my Focus 1. It's a Series II, single channel. I purchased it in 12/04, so the 5 year transferrable warranty is good for awhile.

    Includes case, speaker cable (speakon to 1/4), and power cord. Mint condition, will try to add pics soon.

    I hate to sell it but my I need to fund another amp. $750 obo shipped to 48. No international buyers, sorry.

    Don't have the cash? Charge a Carvin B1500 and have it shipped to me.

    Trades considered.
  2. Replied to all pms, emails...waiting to hear back from everyone. I should have pics tonight or tomorrow.
  3. ygpm
  4. replied, waiting for an answer from 2 others.
  5. I know that, like most of us, you may be working now, but....any pics yet?
  6. Yep, I am working right now. I promise to add pics tonight. Sorry everyone, work has been more demanding then I anticipated this week.

    Pics will be posted around 8 pm...eastern.
  7. Here's a couple of pics...
  8. and two more...
  9. a couple more for your viewing pleasure...sorry they were so late, work has been hectic. So, I decided to take the pics at work!
  10. boy, I hope i win :)
  11. mine, all mine!
  12. SOLD!! Thanks, Matt !! I'm sure you'll enjoy it.