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Acoustic Imaging Amps?

Discussion in 'Amps, Mics & Pickups [DB]' started by acousticdave, Jan 15, 2001.

  1. acousticdave


    Dec 29, 2000
    Anyone Tried Acoustic Imaging Amps o know how to get more info?
  2. Monte


    Jan 9, 2001
    DFW Area, Tejas
    I don't think you could go wrong with anything from Acoustic Image. The Contra I bought is the best
    acoustic sound I've ever heard, and I've probably tried
    nearly all of them, including my teachers Walter Woods.
    However, volume isn't very loud, so you'll have to consider that if you play with a loud group, although with a
    second cabinet, it seems to be loud enough for most situations. Their website is http://www.acousticimg.com and they are good people. You ought to try one out because it is very different from anything else. The downward firing speaker makes the sound spread around, which takes getting used to after hearing speakers that aim write at you. My band loves it; they say they can hear me clearer and better than ever before.

  3. You just missed a big discussion on AcousticImage a couple months ago.I have both a Clarus (the acoustic Image head) and a Walter Woods.I love them both, but the Clarus works best in low to medium volume situations. 300 wats at 2 ohms, but to get there you need two 4 ohm speakers.But it also works great with my Bag end speaker, I've never had to turn up more than halfway in any club I've Played.

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