Acoustic or electric?

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  1. Should I start on an acoustic or electric bass? I was wondering about an acoustic due to the fact that I live in a small 1 bedroom /bathroom place and don't have alot of room to spare for amp and associated stuff. Also, I was wondering about the loudness of an acoustic because my neighbors are elderly folks and I want to respect their privacy and peace if ya'll catch my meaning. Lastly, alot of it comes down to budget and name brands to look at. I sure would appreciate any and all advice you more experienced players have to offer. Thanks
  2. Your neighbors likely wont hear an acoustic bass. They're no where near as loud as an acoustic guitar. I'd suggest buying a used Squier Vintage Modified or Classic Vibe Precision, Jazz, Jaguar, ect and a small combo amp. Remember, amps have volume knobs and it's ok to turn them down and play quietly. Many also come with a headphone jack so you can practice wearing headphones.
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    An acoustic sounds good for your needs.
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    No acoustic bass made is going to bother someone else, even if they're in the next room.
    I'm one of the biggest acoustic bass fans around here, but I wouldn't recommend one to anyone but another enthusiast.
    A lot of people find acoustic basses uncomfortable due to their size. I don't, but I seldom play mine for more than an hour.
    Not that you can't learn on one, but a nice Squier Precision or Jazz bass will probably serve you better.
    Get yourself a nice little 25 or 50 watt amp and some headphones. Most amps have an input for your ipod, so you can play along with whatever song you like.
    Best thing to do is head out to Guitar Center or Sam Ash and try a few dozen basses.
    I can recommend some to point you in the right direction, so can anyone here, but there's nothing quite like picking up a bass and plugging it in and seeing, feeling and hearing for yourself.
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    If you are planning on ever gigging out, get the electric (with a small beginner amp). Acoustic bass is such a niche instrument that there likely will not be many opportunities or venues to gig it.
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    Nothing wrong with learning on an acoustic, what type of music are you looking to ultimately play?
    If it's some sort of post apocalyptic - neo industrial sludge - bubble gum pop, a slab might work best.
    If it's a quieter America, CSNY, Beatles, folky duo with a guitar player friend, an ABG would be a good fit.

    I play ABG pretty much 100% of the time, and love the tone and feel of the instrument. When I'm just noodling, there's plenty of volume over the TV. When I have a quartet over, I plug in - done.

    ABG's ain't small, so if space is a real concern, a slab and a Vox amPlug offers a mighty small footprint.
  7. I kinda like the jazzy type music honestly.
  8. As far as electrics go I have been drawn to the NS Designs wav4 radius bass. I realize it's an older version but the design and sound just speaks to me. I went to Guitar Center yesterday and tried a Fender jazz bass and it had all the bells and whistles including an eq switch and 4 adjustmentment tuners and two of the knobs were dual stack. Way too much for a guy just getting started. The Wav4 seems pretty straightforward and I just dig the colors offered. They didn't have any there this was just some online I saw. They were reasonably priced and there were some used ones that appeared to have minor scratches and stuff but I am reluctant to buy used. Sorry I tend to ramble alot, I just want my first bass to be a good one and I want it to be one I can grow with. The Wav4 seemed to be that one. I want to learn to play a jazz style sound reminescient of Sting's style on his stuff from after his time with the Police and there are also some other players I'd like to learn how to play and then eventually morph into my own style and sound although I realize that's going to be a ways down the road.