Acoustic simulator on bass?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by bassteban, Feb 25, 2005.

  1. Anyone ever try the Boss acoustic sim pedal on a 6 or 7 string bass?
  2. It's going to strain my marriage to be the first.
  3. well, i would have to say it will probably thin out your bass sound, isn't it basically just some fancy eq'ing and filtering?

    i would predict it doesn't sound so hot with a bass. but i can also be pretty wrong...
  4. I was in a (crappy)Guitar(ist) Center today, but they didn't have one. I would likely only use it to 'sketch' song ideas w/my 6 string bass. I can get a convincing-enough-for-me electric guitar tone w/a Daddy-o, I've got an SR-16 for drum machine-sounding 'drums', & I actually have a cheap nylon-string guitar w/a piezo. I just like being able to plug in & get several different 'instruments' layed down w/o moving my lazy old arse.
    So I'll likely eventually try one out, & if it doesn't sound too bad I'll grab one- hopefully used. Thanks, peeps.
  5. thats cool,
    yeah, i'd definatly try one first, i had the same idea as you, of course i never tried thought of a 6 or 7 string bass, with the high c or f (if thats how you tune it). it could work, but i wouldn't get it without trying it first!