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Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by fishysound, Jan 16, 2001.

  1. fishysound


    Jan 16, 2001
    at a recent music store i wandered into the acoustic section and found myself playing the best sounding best feeling bass i've ever played-then i plugged it in and it sounded even better! what is this hot bass you ask? well it's a cheap guitar- ovation cc 0074 or something- anyways it is $450 dollars(best music store price wise) list price is like 700 or so - anyway are there things about acoustics i should know? i really want this bass. it is a round back??or something. i have a good electric bass and a nice amp(for electric)which brings me to my next question- would i need a new amp(acoustic?) if so how much do they run? thanks for putting up with me! ps-notduane where did you get the barfing face on the ugly bass thread? pretty nifty!
  2. notduane


    Nov 24, 2000
    Welcome to TalkBass Fishy~ :D

    About $550 at Musician's Friend. I think you found a bargain (good shape?)
    Most folks here will say acoustic bass guitars have "their own voice" -
    not really a solid-body, not really an upright. Ovation was one of the first
    to market this critter. They don't really project well enough to compete with drums
    in an "un-plugged" setting. HOWEVER. They ARE good for just grabbin' and playin'
    without worryin' about pluggin' in, etc. There CAN be a problem with feedback
    in a high-volume setting. BUT. I think if you're happy with it - go for it.
    That's really all that matters.

    Most (all?) Ovations are "roundbacks". I think it's a composite material called
    "lyrachord". This stuff makes it a little more weatherproof than an all-wood
    acoustic (humidity changes, cracking, etc.).
    What IS this nice amp? (fill out your profile dude :D).
    There are a bunch of amps nowadays strictly for acoustic use.
    The SWR California and Strawberry Blondes come to mind.
    They have a slightly broader frequency response than the average bass amp.
    The C/B goes from 30Hz to 16KHz with 100 watts through a 12" speaker.
    Rob Allen recommends one of the Blondes for his basses ( :D ).
    Other companies are now marketing "acoustic" amps - Marshall,
    Fender, and Crate, fer' instance. There's a bunch for sale here -

    If you've got a decent amp (whatever it is ;) ), that Ovation should be OK with it.
    You'll probably need a good EQ section though.
    Go here - http://cwm.ragesofsanity.com/cgi-bin/n.cgi?cwm2&ubb&box&noframes
    High-light the URL of the one you wanna' include in your post.
    Right click "copy" then click "paste" back in your reply.
    They have the "img" delimiters already built-in :D.

    [Edited by notduane on 01-17-2001 at 10:28 PM]
  3. Deynn

    Deynn Moderator Emeritus

    Aug 9, 2000
    Hi Fishy...and welcome to Talkbass!...:)

    I'll just add...that I too have played this bass at the store a few times...and liked it quite a bit. I'd say that if you are interested in an acoustic bass...this would be an excellent choice.
  4. Hey fishysound, welcome aboard. I see this is your first
    post. I'm a real veteran, I have 13! Ha!

    If you could, would you please describe the sound in a
    little more detail? I also saw this bass at Musiciansfriend
    for $549.00, so, if you can get this bass for $450.00 get
    thyself to a cash machine and buy it before that store realizes what they're doing. I'm really starting to get
    into acoustic basses. I just bought an Epi Jack Casady, and posted a review. I really like the looks of that bass. Any info would be appreciated.

    Take care,
    Mike J.
  5. fishysound


    Jan 16, 2001
    i've got a crate - BFX 25 watt with one speaker low-lowmid-highmid-high eq and a ****load of effects(would have gotten a regular one but this was $25 more expensive and i figured what the heck!)not really planning on many performances i just like to play! maybe in the future i'll get a band around but not yet.
    this music store is great! not sure but i think it's the largest music store in the world. woodwind&brasswind in south bend indiana. has a great selection and better prices. when i see something for a list price of a tousand if you take off a hundered or 3 that's about what it costs. i also play piano and trumpet(bass is the best by far!)
    This bass is a real players bass. it has a full tone and very distinct and brought out notes plugged in. I really think you all should at least give it it's due and try it out. most of the greatness was in playing it. it just felt so natural! a guy was playing it and i went over intrestined in the sound and it turned out he was just like me. loved the sound and the playability. it also comes in different bowl depths. not sure which i like the best. not to fond of the head style but that's the last thing i look for in a bass.
    i think i'm going to go this weekend and pick it up! i'm really excited.

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