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    Feb 24, 2004
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    Hey all,
    I just started a new project at work where I will be developing a new tool we purchased through a 3rd party. I more than likely will have to travel over seas to the U.K. I went through the process of acquiring a passport, and am waiting for that to arrive. But I have never been out of the country before.

    It looks like I will be heading to a place called Warwick. Do any of you know of this place, and if so, could you offer some tips on hot spots, or general info on getting around? Thanks.

    And I so don't like to fly.
  2. ElephantTalk


    Jan 20, 2005
    Everyone goes to Warwick Castle.
    It's pretty cool to see something so old, lived in by so many diffent people and has seen it's share of battles.

    It's a tight place to drive in.
  3. AaronS

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    History is great most places in the UK, but the west Midlands is really rich. I loved the time I spent there. Near Warwick, for instance, I found a monastery (really a bunch of wattle huts) that was a gift from a Saxon king in about 500! Warwick Castle is really cool, but the food leaves a lot to be desired, especially the scones. Other than one rural pub, I found the only palatable food in the UK to be from Chinese, Indian and Pakistani restaurants. OTOH, the beer is quite good.

    I suggest that you get a short English history and peruse it before you go. Make sure it goes back at least to the Roman period.
  4. i just spent a year living in coventry, about 30 minutes north of warwick. warwick castle is nice, but in a wax museum sort of way. it's about 13 pounds to get in, and it really is a museum. they've got displays all over the place, and a haunted tower. lots to see there, if you like those display-type things.

    just a bit up the A45? A46? is a town called Kenilworth. this town has a castle that's in ruins that you can walk all over. get the tour things. they do have some interesting stories. cost to get in... i can't remember. less than 5 quid, anyway.

    and don't forget to see coventry cathedral. there's not much else in coventry, but the cathedral is definitely worth seeing.

    soo much history for such a small country. it's amazing.