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  1. i was flicking through the last issue of BGM (the UK one) and came across an add for carlsbro PA cabs, and it got me thinking.

    you can get a 600w 1x15" active PA cab for 500 UK pounds, add say, a sansamp DI for about 150, and you have a very cheap, powerfull rig.

    i would assume these cabs would be able to handle bass, because a lot of people run their bass through the PA anyway. and i remember reading on here about someone doing it (jazz add?). and in theory you can add as many cabs as you want, so you could get a 1x18, some 1x15, some 12's and 10's, and just mix and match them depending on the size of the gig and the sound you want. would that be correct?

    what do you all think of this, is it a valid consideration when looking for a new rig. are there any brands that stand out for good quality/price?

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    May 28, 2003
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    dude.... the bass speakers they use in those PA cabs will give you no where near the sound a proper 15" bass guitar speaker would give you ( have tried it myself)... and it may be impossible to bypass the crossover which is built in, and probly set at around 160hz. meening you will need somthing to handle mid/hi range... which then makes it quite an expensive solution.
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    If you can find one locally to try out before buying, then go try. Personally, I would avoid self-powered P.A. speakers because they are not designed to be a bass rig. Although it is possible that they will sound good, there is no way to know unless you listen to them first. Also, they are rarely a good value. The overall quality of the components is less than if you buy seperate components.