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  1. RobBass33


    Apr 16, 2008
    Okay, I have an Music Man Bongo 4. Its a great bass and all, but here's the problem. The action is getting higher, and the strings seem to be gradually moving closer to one another, but maybe it just looks like that because of the high action. Anyways, I am a complete n00b at truss rod adjustment and such, so I have a few questions about fixing the action:

    Should I get somebody at Guitar Center/Sam Ash to fix it?

    In addition to the previous question, Does it cost money for them to fix it? If so, typically, how much?

    Is it difficult to adjust the action?
  2. elBandito


    Dec 3, 2008
    Rotten Apple
    Truss rod is cranked to alter the bow in the neck. Action is adjusted from the bridge. I'm guessing your neck needs to be straightened out a bit. Fret your first and last fret and check the gap between the string and the fret at 8th. People prefer somewhere between the thickness of a business card to a credit card. I persoanlly think credit card thickness is too much, but it varies on your style. If you have relief within that range, You should be fine. Then, you can adjust action from the bridge.
    I'd suggest searching the forum and googling how to adjust the rod, before you try anything. It's not rocket science, but you should have a good understanding on how the thing works.
    Music man website has a faq on how to make adjustments. Perhaps try looking around their own forum.
  3. RobBass33


    Apr 16, 2008
    Lol I sort of took it into my own hands a couple of minutes ago before I read this post. I turned my truss rod and what not, but is there supposed to be instant results, if not, I might be in for a really messed up neck.
  4. RobBass33


    Apr 16, 2008
    Oh yea, I like low action, so if when I fret my first and last fret, and the gap between the string is barely not touching the fret, does that mean my neck became straighter? None of the strings buzz or anything. I tried straightening out the neck, so I would have low action, and I think it worked, but that could just be my imagination. Anyways, I really just was wondering about what I put before, are their supposed to be instant results, or should I wait a day or two and then check the neck.
  5. +1

    You can seriously destroy things if you just start "turning things and what not" :crying:
    Maybe you should take it to GC or somwhere untill you learn how to do a setup!

    READ >>>
  6. When turning the truss rod - do it in 1/4 turn intervals. Wait a good while between intervals. If the truss rod is tight (tough to turn), go even slower. If the truss rod is very loose feeling, you can go a little "quicker" between intervals until you start to feel some tension.

    No more than 1/2 turn in say 24 hours. That's my personal rule - it's pretty conservative.

    The neck should have an immediate response - but also a delayed one could be expected since it's wood bending that we're talking about. Thus when you adjust the truss rod, wait 24 hours and see if it is has moved even more, and adjust accordingly.

    If the truss rod is too tough to turn, then back it down a little to see if that helps. They are easy to strip/break, and then you're really in trouble.
  7. NOTE: When tightening trussrods – loosen the strings first – tighten a max of 1/4 turn – re-tune the strings - wait till the next day to go further (so it has a chance to set).
  8. RobBass33


    Apr 16, 2008
    Yea, its turned it pretty much all the way around, the full 360 degrees. The funny thing is, the action barely got lower. I mean, for how much I turned it, I expected a lot more. Maybe it was that I didn't loosen the strings, but I'm not sure. the actions still a little uncomfortable around the 17-24 fret area. I might tighten it another 1/6 or so to help that.
  9. dude, your just turning. i mean if you turn it to much your truss bar will pop right on out of your neck, and you will be out one bass guitar. Take it to guitar center it will probably cost $30 (maybe a little more) and get new strings. Have them do it all at once and if they can do it right there, have them explain it to you! that was the best thing i ever had them do.
    here in vegas the wether changes a lot so i had to learn how to do it on my own, and i went to GC on day and had them show me how to do it.
  10. PLEASE edit your post to change the word "crank".

    NOT what you want to be telling a 'setup newbie', unless your business is selling replacement necks.
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