Action too low??

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  1. Hi, I measured the action on my L2500 and the B at the last fret is at about 1.7mm. But it has no fret buzz unless I pull hard on strings.

    I like a likght touch too.

    Do you think it´s too low??

    I also have the pick-ups low low, about 6mm from the strings on the neck pu.
  2. Does it work for you? If so then it's fine w/me
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    Jul 2, 2011
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    Action is a very individual thing. I tend to start with the Fender setup guide then adjust (usually a little upwards from there). Mine are all about 2.5mm from the 17th fret which suits my playing style - lower and I get too much buzz, but others with a lighter touch may not.
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    In general, if there's no buzz, then it's not too low. Even if there's a slight buzz, that can be ok too.
    Are you a slapper? If so, I've noticed it's hard for me to slap properly, when the action is low. I end up muting the strings w/ my thumb.
  5. I slap only for myself at the moment so I don´t consider myself a slapper. I try to relax myself when slapping and this way the notes ring out more.

    But I like the ability to fly over the fingerboard and with just a gentle touch of the fretboard be able to fret the note with the minimal effort.

    The thing is if you only eyeball the fingerboard and the strings it doesn´t appear to be so low but when you meassure´s really low. And what wonder me is that it doesn´t buzz.
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    It sounds like it isn't too low for you.
  7. LOL, to lower the action even more I´d have to shim the neck and it´s 6 bolts bolt on neck
  8. enricogaletta


    May 21, 2011
    if you playing comfortably and you like your tone, don't change anything.
    It's your personal set, so don't change it.
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    Too low? Up to you to decide no one else since no one but you will be playing your instrument.
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    Sounds like you've got it right where you want it.
  11. What's the 'best' string height? Sorry, I couldn't resist.
  12. for metal????
  13. I play very confortably and like the tone (lowered the pick-ups). I´d like the G string to be a tidy bit lower but I´d have to shim the neck (and we´re talking about a 6 bolt neck) or file the saddle, but its not such a big deal so I´ll leave it like that.
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