Active AND Passive pickups in the SAME instrument...

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    Sep 21, 2011
    Right Hear ('s a pun. Use your ears!). ;D
    I'm just a user/customer that plays gigs. I am not professionally affiliated with any vendor, etc.
    Say, you guys! I feel like this question has been asked a ton of times, and answered a ton of times... but perhaps not 'actually' answered... ?

    Anytime I see this question, I think that what someone is asking is "Is it possible to have active pickups AND passive pickups on a bass, wired together and on at the same time?"... Though, if that's *actually* what someone's asking and they never get the question answered (because the answer involved a switch between pickups, a preamp or something like that), then I haven't seen where it'd been corrected to actually answer the question.

    TLDR: Yes.

    Long(er) version: Nothing earth-shattering, but it does work if someone really wanted to for whatever reason. Note: I don't mean 'passive pickups, active preamp', I literally mean 'passive pickups' and 'active pickups (like EMG)'. Not sure why anyone would really want or need to do it, but it *can* be done (I know; I did it myself on a project bass I have).

    I AM NOT A LUTHIER, nor am I any sort of electronics wiz. I literally just got the idea to try this, found an old beat-up bass body, had a neck, and sloppily pasted/wired it all together. I'd wired active AND passive pickups *in-line* wondering what it'd sound like.

    Result: oh... it 'CAN' be done... cool.


    ...and that's it!

    Disclaimer: I'm a multi-instrumentalist, but PRIMARILY a bassist. Started in the very early 90s, I like (and play) multiple genres. Active cover band musician with some vocal ability. You mileage WILL always vary - speaking solely from my personal experiences. I'm NOT an electronics wiz, by ANY stretch - I'm just a player/user! However, I'm also not afraid to 'look under the hood' and experiment. Conversation is ENCOURAGED! Please share thoughts/ideas, and please correct me on anything I may be erroneous on. Most of all, be excellent to each other, and HAVE FUN! Cheers, you guys!
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    I'd rather figuratively do that.
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