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    I did some legwork on this when I started using active basses. I noticed that an EMG loaded bass I had still had plenty of battery life after an entire year. So below I have compiled a quick list of common active components I see people use in their basses. Quick spoiler alert - Fishman pickups require 43 times the juice to power than an active EMG soapbar (depending on the pickup) for a full Fishman system we are talking only 60 hours on a single 9v versus 1000-3000 hours for an EMG set up.

    I used to be the guy that worried about batteries, but now I see that depending on the set up I'll go through wayy more strings than I would batteries.

    EMG soapbars:

    35P - 80 microamps or 3000 hours battery life
    35CS or DC - 235 microamps or 1500-3000 hours battery life

    Tone Monster preamps in general - .16mA battery life 1000 hours or more (.16 milliamps is 160 microamps)

    Aguilar OBP-2 or OBP-3 - 324 hours battery life (doesn't say current draw)

    EMG BTC - 600 micro amps or 750 hours battery life

    Fishman Fluence - 3.5 mA per pickup and 1.1 mA for the 2 band EQ - estimated 60 hours for 2 pickups and 2 band EQ or 110 hours for one pickup and EQ

    (typical 9v battery has between 550-620 mAh)
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