active MIM Jazz Bass Deluxe 2006-2009 series vs new ones

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    Jul 27, 2016
    Hi bass-loving people!
    I'm looking to buy a Jazz Bass and I stumbled upon a MIM Fender Deluxe Active bass from the 2006-2009 series. I 'm wondering about the quality of the built-in preamp. Do more recent basses have better pre-amps or are they comparable? Anyone been able to test both?
    Also I think that I 'd like to have a active/passive switch on it. Is that an easy mod? Are the pickups suited to play in 'passive' mode?

    Cheers !
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  2. All valid questions. No answers though.

    Just ordered a MiM Fender DeLuxe Active Jazz bass, the sunburst with maple fretboard. It's the 2016 model.
    I'm going to replace my Sire V7 with it.

    Although a recent model I don't see many people using it or reviewing it. It would be nice to see some users review. As soon as it arrives i will post something but it would be nice to read some more reviews and opinions.

    How it compares to other MiM Fenders. Are the noiseless pick ups decent? How does it stands in passive mode against other MiM basses, like the new player series?

    I think it's a fairly forgotten Fender Mexican model.

    Any particular reason?
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  3. Allar Allas

    Allar Allas

    Oct 14, 2018
    I'm about to order the same model, in addition to my Yamaha TRB5II and Tokai P-Bass. I played it in our local shop for a couple of hours and was frankly impressed. I liked it more than Player series jazz bass, but Elite series bass had a tad better tone. Nevertheless, MiM should be enough for me for the next couple of years...
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  4. Mine arrived friday.

    It's awesome. The factory action was a little low for my taste bat nothing that a set up would'nt fix.

    I love the tone. I think it's a little bit darker than other fenders but it's full bodied, and a lot fuller than the sire. Great passive tone, the preamp does not colour it that much.

    I'm going to replace the tuners with black ones and that's it. Awesome bass.

    Will post some sound samples soon
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  5. Allar Allas

    Allar Allas

    Oct 14, 2018
    Congratz on your new bass!
  6. Sooo, I'm loving the bass so far. Great and fast neck, one of the fastest necks i've played, much faster and smoother than the sire. Great in passive mode, rarely use it in active

    One question though

    I would like to replace the tuners with some Black ones. Do you know wich brand does have suitable tuning machines for this model?