Active-passive switch & blend pot plus 3 way switch question

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  1. in my THREAD i'm showing the progress of my project.

    So, i need some help concerning the wiring.
    The PJ pickups will have a (cheap) preamp, this one: preamp.JPG

    So i wish upgrade the standard wiring:

    1) A 3 way switch and the blend pot working ONLY with both pickups selected
    2) A passive-active switch with volume and tone pots
    3) A led, that shows when the electronic is in active mode

    Is this possible?
  2. p.s. the volume pot is already present in the circuit, is a B500k and i wish to use it to avoid too much knobs on the bass.
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    Jun 23, 2014
    Cape Cod MA
    Electronics not my strong suit by any means, I can solder well, but only with a graphic wiring diagram in hand, I never learned to read schematics. I have always loathed 2v/2t wiring (so of course that's standard on a Rickenbacker bass, which I'm building!). My favorite setup is Master Volume, Blend, Bass cut/boost and Treble cut/boost. Mids is good too, but no more than 5 knobs. Some of the Alembic basses (Phil Lesh's bass for instance, I saw him demonstrate his bass on YouTube, and he couldn't remember what all the knobs do!) look borderline ridiculous. I call that "knob-itis". The pup selector switch seems superfluous if you have a blend already, though I've been considering converting my Ric harness to something similar to what you describe, with the pup selector switch as basically a pup mute switch, just to keep it all looking original with 4 knobs and one switch. The LED for active-on makes sense, I think that's pretty simple by wiring off the active switch with a resistor. Hopefully somebody with some actual electronics skills will weigh in!
  4. Thank you my friend

    my (maybe stupid) questions come from a personal need... First i love boost the mids a little, and the mid-control is useful for me. Then, the blend pot is not handy, for me: on my Mustangmaster (3way lever switch) i prefer to switch from neck pickup (very loud) to both pickups (less loud) fast.
    It's a kind of boost or volume cut that i can easily manage during my playing. But will be nice blending the amount of signal in middle position to achieve the correct tone or volume.

    The active-passive thing is a whim, but not so whim: my Schaller pickups have a nice passive tone, maybe useful in some contexts, and switching from a a full-active bass to a full passive (with volume & tone) could be useful.

    Anyway i agree about the knob-itis i saw some insane Alembics that are in my opinion just experiments...
    something like this one: 10829.jpg

    maybe nice to see, but probably useless.
    I'm looking for something smart but effective, maybe a simple mute-switch as you told before but i need some input about this.
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  5. @line6man
    i read a lot of threads where you solved many problems! Have you some tip for me?
  6. I can draw a diagram for what you are asking for, but keep in mind that LEDs draw a lot of current. If you want an LED that is always on, then your battery is going to drain significantly faster, because it will take more current to keep the LED on than to power the preamp. Perhaps a better solution is to put the active/passive switch on a push/pull pot, so that you can tell whether or not the preamp is in the signal path by looking at the position of one of the knobs. (Raised up for passive, and pushed down for active, or vice versa.)
  7. @line6man
    first of all many thanks for your presence here: your art is really appreciated!
    I'm drawing a sketch with the final "setup" i wish: i'll post it once finished.
  8. @line6man
    this is the "project": you can also see the preamp in the picture posted before.
    I quit the 3way switch+ Blend Pot idea: the Blend will be more than enough.

    1) I want to have both Blend & Vol-Tone pots in Active and Passive mode (before the preamp, as drawn)
    2) I want the led turned on when the Active circuit is activated
    3) Please show me the correct grounding for this XXap

    Many thanks, as usual!
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