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Active PUP's > Headphone hiss?

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by Vandy, Jan 19, 2012.

  1. Vandy

    Vandy Banned

    Dec 24, 2011
    After various searches here (TalkBass), I have not run across this particular scenario - but, cross-info speculation leads me to ask the following:
    So, a "rehearsal room" containing:
    A) computer w/recording software,
    B) pre-amp gadgets, etc. for microphones, XLR/quarter-inch "ins" for bass, drums (pads as trap set), guitar & keys that feed said computer, plus headphones that receive the mix (watch your step!),
    C) recessed ceiling incandescent lamps,
    D) security "smoked-glass bubbles",
    . . . can all create a "noisy" headphone environment?
    "Live", the bkgd. noises are negligible. For instance, my Hartke has a wee bit o' treble hiss, but . . .
    Headphone-wise, I'm the "culprit" > Ibanez BTB (active) > Hartke 210c (speaker unplugged; XLR out). My amp level is (maybe) 8 o'clock, my ground lift on/off makes no difference, my XLR pre/post makes no difference, adding/subtracting pedals - nada (usually, just a TU-3 tuner), kinda' fiddling with the detached 1/4" pre-amp/amp feed that goes to the combo speakers affects the bkgd. a little - but, there's a hiss in the phones - until I turn off the amp. But, when "on", I can move (walk, or sway) and the sibilance will increase/decrease. Raising the head of my bass toward a recessed light will increasee the hiss . . .
    Did I mention that it's a "finished" low-ceiling basement & we're stuck in a 10x12ft. section (double glass panel-doors, nice paint/carpet). It's the drummer's place (he's also the sound/record tech) . . .
    What's a good troubleshooting starting point? Sometimes, the drum set-up (pads and/or module), or the keys go wonky, but that's a much worse "crackly" intrusion (or complete cut-out) . . .
    And, of course, the others hate me . . .
    I'm going mad I tell you, mad!!! :p

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