Active tone pot?

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  1. I'm getting a set of emg 40-tw's soon and they each come with a volume and a tone pot. But, I want to put the emg bts preamp in the bass. Do I need/can I use the tone pot with a preamp?
  2. Tone controls are nothing but capacitors in series with resistors. Just make sure the values chosen are appropriate to the signal impedance.
  3. Can i get that in lamen's terms? haha. Idk what that means
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    If you have a preamp, you don't need the tone pot. The EMG X series has an active tone pot because it has a low impedance output, so the older style passive tone pots don't work.

    But even if you were getting a TWX, if you are using a preamp you don't need the active tone pot. All it does it roll off treble, which the treble control on the preamp will also do.
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