active volume pedal?

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  1. ok i'm on a search for a good volume pedal and i play a bass with active electronics, it seems to me (and i could be wrong) that all the eb volume pedals only work for passive instruments. Is there such thing as an active volume pedal? If so can someone recommend me one.

  2. I am looking at a copy of Musician's Friend and they sell the VP Jr. Active Volume Pedal for $69.99.

    I wonder how this model compares to the Morley Little Alligator VP (Steve Vai)?
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    There's another thread about Volume pedals for bass...I use active basses, but find the passive EB Jr. works best and puts the least amount of hiss in my signal...I was using an active pedal up until this past summer and it was just too noisy in some situations, so I got rid of it, a friend loaned me his EB, and it works great!
  4. It should work with either, but there is a question of wether the volume pedal is ideally suited to active basses.

    I read that as "is there such a thing as a volume pedal meant for active basses."

    But be careful; "an active volume pedal" could be understood to be a volume pedal that has active circuitry.

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    i've been using my eb volume pedal with my active bass with zero issues
  6. ok thanks everyone. My confusion has been cleared.