actual spec difference in the mex and usa pbass

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  1. Okay, there is a Mexican P Bass I can get for $200. He says he bought it 7 years ago. My basic question is this: if one makes the pickup upgrade on a mid 2000 MIM P, will it sound close to a real USA? I've done an A/B with them new and find the USA much better. But at this price, it makes one wonder… could a couple of hundred dollar upgrades make it sound like a true P (at half price)? I'd go play it, but it's two hour's drive and I've played similar at the music store. What makes the American sound better, speaking to the upgrade factor?
    thanks again vets,
  2. I'm guessing how the pickups are made and what materials they use it with. I Can tell you generally, American Fenders > Mexican Fenders, BUT that's not always the case.

    I've heard that the wood types affect sound and tone more than the pickups. Can anyone actually confirm/deny this?