Actual string winding lengths?

Discussion in 'Strings [DB]' started by ToneRanger, Apr 24, 2005.

  1. I'm planning to build an EUB, 1051 mm scale (3/4). I want to make the overall bass as short as possible, with compact headstock and no tailpiece (eg Azola). However there's a lot of extra wound string length, forcing me to keep a long headstock if I don't want the metal wrap to go around the tuners. I've thought of using 1/2 size strings on my 3/4 scale instrument to avoid the extra length.
    So I have two questions:
    - Do you know if there's a standard wound length for strings (eg, from ball end to start of cotton wrap)?
    - Are 1/2 size strings different from 3/4 in any way other than length?
  2. That's of course the ideal condition, but you can get the metal wrap around the peg, as long as the wraps don't overlap.
    I have used regular DB strings with my BugBass, and now with my Carruthers, with no problem.
    AFAIK, there's no standard.
    Some makers sell 3/4 scale strings that are longer or shorter than other makers.
    As for your second question: I can tell you that Flexocor 1/2 size strings are exactly the same as the regulars. I measured them, and it was confirmed by their technical manager. Only the lenght is different. (and they of course fit better than regulars!)
    I can't tell for other brands though!
    1/2 size bass strings are not very common.
    Besides Flexocors, they are available in Spirocores, Superflexibles, Helicores, Corellis, Red Labels, and maybe a few others.
    But you may need to special order them!

  3. Thanks for your help. Another question - will the strings wrap around small diameter posts like the compact Schaller/Gotoh BG ones, or do I need to stay with ;arger ones?
  4. I'd choose the larger ones, if possible.