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  1. My band just lost our drummer and he was quite good.We have played together for five years and we were pretty tight. He new my style of playing and I knew his. We have a new drummer but
    he is just starting out. How do I approach playing with a new drummer who is playing for about year now.I take my playing seriously that is how I improved over these years. Studying my instrument, listenning to the masters, watching live bands play but he just does not seem interested in all of those things. He is not that passionate about playing as the other was or else he will never improve without the passion. Will playing with a beginner actually hamper my playing?.
  2. I kinda in a way got the same problem...we had a drummer who we were tight with and he moved...i used to play tamborine w/ him and the rest of the guys before he moved, then about 2 months after i picked up bass (they got rid of the old bassist cuz he was a jackass) he moved....we are still looking for a drummer! But I've seen improvement in the guitarists that I jam with and me being new doesnt seem to be making them worse, and im actually learning alot. I think the more u jam wiht him, the more he will learn and get better. ~ Tyler
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    We've changed guitar players a couple of times and for me the biggest problem has been to keep myself interested while starting all over with the same songs. It obviously takes some time for the new player to get up to speed with the material and it's important to not rush him or show your impatience. I found some things that makes the transition go easier for myself

    - Introduce some new songs so everyone including the new player starts from the same level on at least those numbers. Play some new and some old songs at each rehearsal so everyone has something new and interesting to work on.

    - Take the chance to go over your own playing on each song, go back and listen to the original (if it is a cover), work on transcription, add some new fills etc. This way you will have some interesting new stuff to work on while the new player catches up.

    - When rehearsing those old songs, step back and listen to the whole band, and find things that can improve the overall sound

    Just a couple of things to keep yourself improving and interested even if you feel a bit held back by the "new kid on the block"